A downloadable game for Windows

First of all we would like to say we're sorry, but we couldn't finish the game on time :(

It is a very basic prototype, lacking progression systems or skill descriptions and stuff like that. We did this as a side project, sharing time with our college project which took most of our time.

We deeply hope you all enjoy this little DD tribute, and we are going to continue this project in the future so if you like it please tell us <3


Doggest Dungeon.rar 20 MB


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Pugcorn, please complete the game because this is have a great potential =)


Had me at Dog


Made a video 

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Hello guys! Thank you for making this video, I absolutely LOVED it! Unfortunately we only had a week to make this game (and balance that with college) so there is A LOT of stuff we couldn't implement, like the Library and Dogsmith, skill tooltips, even some of the skills, and lots more stuff  ):

But seeing you guys play and enjoy our little game brings me so much joy, I hope we have a chance to work on it some more soon! I don't think we'll ever have the time to turn it into a complete game, but I do hope we can update it a little bit every now and then.

(Also that ending had me literally dying LMAO, I guess there are even more bugs than I thought... And that zoom in made me lose it xD)

Edit: Just found out what caused the bug, will fix it then reupload the game! Thanks for spotting it!


Happy you enjoyed the video and if slowly updating the game overtime is your only option for now then do it. Even if it's just a little bit it's still more than it was before and eventually all those little bits will make it closer to what you wanted it to be. 


I absolutely love the art style and atmosphere but, even understanding that it's unfinished, it's a little obscure for someone who's never played the inspiration. I'm looking forward to some updates though, definitely gonna be following this one. ^_^

Thank you very much, we're glad that you liked it! Unfortunately we didn't have time to put any tutorial or explanations, so yeah, it's easy to get lost /:

We will try to keep updating the game on our free time, thank you!


Lovely art!
My game got stuck loading after a few screens :(

Oh no  :(

Thank you for playing our game! Could you give us some detail on what happened? We will try to fix that! <3